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We help prepare you for your tax accountant appointment by reviewing your financial statements, offering virtual Quickbooks tutoring, and helping you automate your workflow for an easier year ahead.  
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Clerical Needs

We can start at the beginning for you:

 1) Organize & centralize files.

 2) Reduce paperwork.

 3) Provide Data Entry for every day needs or special projects.

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Weekly, Monthly - you choose how often you need our services.

 1) Accounts Payable - enter vendor invoices.

2) Accounts Receivable - prepare & send your invoices.

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A professional review of your records explained to you .

1) Review financials

2) Bank reconciliations

3) Budget reviews

4) Internal Controls reviews

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Personal Organization

Let us help you organize your home office:

1) Link files to your business.

2) Manage paper/workflow to minimize time at the office.

3) Create offsite backups.

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