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Accountant-level tasks are important in any size company.

A successful business needs Internal Controls in place, even if your staff is only two people. Bank account reconciliations are important to keep up to date & should be done by someone who does not handle cash.


Journal Entries, Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Statements, and various analysis are usually provided by an accountant. Your business decisions should be based off of the information in these reports & can be explained by the accountant.


For more information on the  tasks we can do for you, open a chat or send us an email at for a free consultation with us!

Non-Profit Experts

Image of accountant at work

Non-Profit agencies need a special accountant. Someone who understands the importance of staying in budget, of providing detailed grant reporting and who is comfortable working with grantors.

We have a proven record of many years in local government and independent non-profit agencies. Managing grants, grant audits, working with e-snaps, USDA, hospitals, local, county & federal governments, as well as individual donors come second nature to us.

Whether you just need help getting a grant reporting system going in your office or you need an extra hand keeping up with the reporting, we can help!

Open a chat or send us an email at for a free consultation with us!

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